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*******PLEASE NOTE*******

We have moved locations, our new location is:

25 Wills street 
Melbourne VIC 3000

(Near Flagstaff station- La Trobe st and William st)

Feel free to text me if you have any inquirys or can't find available time.

Jane  0405 828 801

C2eyelash Extensions

Melbourne’s Premium Mink Eyelash Extension Specialists

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With every client, we help to determine what: 

  • Length
  • Curl
  • Shape

Would best suit the client’s eyes, taking into consideration both your style
preference and the current health of your natural eyelashes.


  • We maintain a high standard of hygiene and professional application.

  • The application procedure is so relaxing that most clients even fall asleep! :)

  • Many wake up stunned & amazed to see how gorgeous their new lashes look!

You will notice a change in your daily beauty routine.

When you wake up, you will find it extremely convenient to no
longer need to apply mascara or use an eyelash curler.


Jane                      Master Stylist

Louise                   Senior  Stylist

Online Scheduling

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  • "Master" Technician Prices


      (This is generally 1 extension : 1 original lash)
      • Natural Set (60 mins) CL $100
        (60 lashes per eye) Our Natural Set will enhance your lashes so they are longer, thicker and more luscious than before, while maintaining a slightly more conservative look than our other sets.
      • Full Set (75 mins) CL $120
        (80 lashes per eye) A fuller look to accentuate your eyes. This will create a luscious appearance as if you applied your mascara flawlessly.
      • Cat eye look(75 mins) CL $130
        The cat eye shape is created by starting with a shorter length on the inside corner and gradually increasing the length as you reach the outside corner
      • Perfect Set (85 mins) CL $130
        (100+ lashes per eye)Extend your eyes with this all out bombshell set and get the foxy lashes you've always dreamed of having.
      • Bridal Set (110 mins) CL $140
        (120+ lashes per eye) More than 240 lashes in total. Our Bridal look is nothing short of glamorous. This set is ideal for those who want a bold, over-the-top set of lashes for their special wedding day.
      • In-Fills (Classic Lashes)

        (Client must come at two weeks from their previous application, if not then a new set must be applied).
    • RUSSIAN VOLUME ( 2D-6D )

      (We try to apply as many lashes as it takes to provide you with a full glamorous look. This is achieved in multiple ways (lash count, thickness, length, etc) and is tailored for each person individually based on their natural lashes).



      Give straight eyelashes an attractive upwards curl without the daily need for eyelash curlers. Better prepares straight lashes for lash extensions.
      • Lash Lift $60
        So Maybe Eyelash Extensions aren't for you?
        The big new trend in lash enhancement, is an innovative technology that uses silicon molds and cold settling agent to lengthen and curl natural lashes into a perfect upward C shape. 

      Ditch the brow makeup and mascara. Get them professionally done. Vegetable based dye available on request.



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25 Wills Street, (Near Flagstaff station -La Trobe st and William st), Melbourne, VIC, 3000


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